Sunday, January 20, 2019
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Introduction to Amazon Echo

This product is the assistant that jump-started the smart home revolution.  Amazon created this video to highlight the capabilities of the Amazon Echo.  The video...

All New Amazon Echo

The second generation of the Amazon Echo has all the capabilities of the original version, but now offers six styles, improved sound, and a...

Introduction to Nest Indoor Camera

Enjoy piece of mind when away from your home!  Nest created this video to highlight the capabilities of the Nest Indoor Camera.  Whether you...

DirecTV Now Review

DirecTV Now is one of the best ways to cut the cord with your cable provider.  It works with many streaming devices including Amazon...

Introduction to Nest Protect

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can now be part of the smart home solution.  This video provides an overview of the Nest Protect products,...
Google Homevideo

Introduction to Google Home

Google Home is the foundation of the Google smart home ecosystem.  Google created this video to highlight the capabilities of Google Home.  This clip...
Amazon Echo Showvideo

Introducing Echo Show

Meet the worlds first personal assistant that includes a built-in display.  The Amazon Echo Show is Alexa at the core, but now she can...
Google Home

Google Home now makes Phone Calls

You can now make phone calls directly from Google Home.  It currently works in the USA and Canada, but can only make outbound calls...

Introduction to Google WiFi

Do you have poor WiFi coverage in your house?  In this video Google offers an quick introduction to their WiFi solution.  This solution offers the...

Introduction to Nest Outdoor Camera

Security cameras are perfect to monitor the boxes that UPS and FedEx leave at your front door.  Nest created this video to highlight the...

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